Dianthus caryophyllus

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Prayer mat, plain weave cotton, resist dyed, block printed, padded and quilted. Displayed behind glass. Borders from the outside: [1] narrow yellow ground with a fine meander linking a small red flower and green leaves. This is either side of a wider white ground border with an elegant meander with a blue carnation, a pink carnation slightly overlapping a blue flower, and 2 other arrangements of predominantly pink flowers. [2] Main border: white ground with fine black lines forming an ogival lattice and straight black lines through flowers and leaves forming a diamond lattice. There is a blue flower at each corner of the diamonds and the ogival lattice divides each diamond into 4 sections - 2 contain a red/pink flower and leaves and 2 contain an almost circular arrangement of 3 flowers and leaves with a 4th lilac-like blossom linking the 2 adjacent sections. [3] as [1] [4] red ground with white pattern of a rosette and scrolls and elongated leaves. [5] yellow ground with red 4-petalled flower alternating with a diagonal green leaf. The central panel is divided into a lobed niche by a yellow ground band with a meandering stem and red flowers. The spandrels have a white ground divided into a small diamond lattice each diamond containing a small carnation. The ground of the niche is speckled mauve with white boteh-shaped spaces in offset rows, each filled with a delicate leafy floral spray bending to the left. These motifs are slightly smaller towards the top of the niche. The speckled ground seems unusual. The quilting is difficult to see but may be diagonal lines which meet along the central vertical axis to form a chevron pattern.