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Set of six colour printed cards backed with paper each with a border of brown stylised leaves and patterns printed on a black background. Each card has eleven hexagonal pieces cut from its picture - two rows of four, top and bottom, and one of three in between. When these pieces are removed printed beneath are numbers and/or German words or phrases. Printed on the obverse of the hexagonal pieces is the question or mathematical sum for the answer that lies underneath it. The general pattern is for the top and bottom rows of four to have numbers and phrases, the outer two in the central three to have just a number and for the central piece to have a question or riddle with a short answer printed in larger type. [card1] Colour picture of an outdoor scene. A girl and boy sit on a riverbank while a boat rows past containing two boys, one standing, a girl playing a guitar and a dog. The featured numbers are 1-5, 14, 40, 44, 45 and 49. [card2] Colour picture of a group of children fishing from a small wooden pier. Two boys have rods and one is catching a fish. A girl carries a rake and another boy looking at a couple of storks one of which is intent on catching a frog. The featured numbers are 6-8, 18, 0, 21, 90, 96, 99 and 100. [card3] Colour picture of an outdoor scene with a young goose girl and her flock. A boy is leaning on a fence talking to the girl with a seated dog at his feet. The featured numbers are 9-12, 15, 16, 60, 66, 70 and 72. [card4] Colour picture of an outdoor winter scene with children, all boys, having a snow fight around a snowman they have just finished building. The featured numbers are all in the 20s apart from the bottom row of 30, 77, 132 and 144 and the middle answer is Otto. [card5] Colour picture of an out door garden scene of children playing. Three boys are using sticks as musical instruments and two girls standing on a bench form the percussion section of this home-made orchestra, using a watering can as drum and a pair of lids as cymbals. Between the musicians a boy and girl dance together and another girl is partnered by a dog on its hind legs. The numbers featured are in the 30s, 40s and 100s and the central question is riddle about a clock. [card6] Colour picture of an indoor scene - a young family seated around a table. The mother has a baby on her lap and is feeding it with a spoon. There are three children sitting around the table eating what looks like bread and soup. There is a dog and cat begging for food and a doll and ball lying on the floor. The numbers featured are in the 50s, 60s and 80s and the central question is about a flower.