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Incense burner

Incense burner and lid. Research by Maria Fabrizi – FEB. 1988 This object has a fifteenth century reign mark on the underside of the burner. It is one of a number of objects that were analysed by spectrographic methods, in Oxford, in about 1960. Both parts had been drilled for metal samples. The burner shows a drill-hole in the abraded underside of a foot, and the lid reveals a hole filled with resinous black material in the underside of the bamboo border. The results showed that both lid and burner were made from a copper-zinc alloy, with small amounts of tin and lead, and with quite low levels of impurities. The impurities seemed to be similar in each part, and antimony was absent from both. The lid was cast to have openwork designs, with a border in the shape of bamboo stems. The elaborate knob is in the form of a beast on a pedestal, surrounded by what looks like a fringe of petals. The interior of the knob appears to have remained unfinished, and a probable sprue or runner remnant can be seen inside it. It would have been very difficult to remove once the object had been made, but can only been seen a little from the outside. This lid seems to be a product of lost-wax casting. It is possible that the whole lid was cast in one piece. There are several tool marks inside, which seem to be from finishing of the object, and the colour is red-brown. The exterior is smooth, and is mostly yellow-brown. It has yellowish metal where it has been abraded. The burner seems to have been made in one piece, except for two handles, which were apparently added with rivets and solder. The body shape is rectangular, and there are four legs in the shape of bamboo stems, connected by a bamboo border. Further decoration is in relief, and is a patterned band similar in design to the openwork of the lid. A plain band and another bamboo border complete the body. The metal is rather yellowish where abraded, but is mainly yellow-brown on the exterior.

Toy hospital

[Toy hospital] Hospital Building, two storey rectangular building constructed on three tray like floors and two sided room compartments together with the lift areas; held together with tongues and slots; decoration is in green and yellow with white and grey the base, larger than the rooms, is marked to show driveways, stonework and inside, the floor of one ward; lift end is marked with parking and lift instructions top floor is marked as a leisure area in green with yellow, bordered by stonework; outer edge is red with white lettering middle floor is marked inside with the floor of one ward and outside with stonework; outer edge is red with white lettering outer sides of both rooms are yellow with squares in red and white; each have 5 windows along the long side and one in the end, windows of clear plastic designed to swivel; insides are yellow with blue panel around the lower part; each has at the lift end a pair of clear plastic swing doors; the lift area block is of lithographed metal; lift doors are red plastic and the same as the top of the lift - bottom area has two and middle area has only one under the base there is a corrugated cardboard lining marked with cut away areas all the parts are linked with tongues and slots; at the top are slots for the tongues from the lift casing [Lift building] Lift Turret, metal structure, white printedwith yellow and red at either end is attached by tongue and slots, red plastic doors which go up and down at either side are double windows of clear plastic housed in white fittings the roof is metal attached by tongues and slots; outer side printed in red with white lettering at the centre of the roof is a metal handle, enamelled white, which turns the ratchet to raise and lower the lift - inside the housing below the handle is a length of white cord with a metal ring near its bottom end which is to be attached to the lift itself along bottom edge are tongues which are to slot into the top of the building [Lift] Lift, bridge like structure with arches and lugs to hold the lifting yoke which attaches to the cord LIFTING YOKE IS MISSING [Rod] Lift Runner, metal rod which passes from the roof of the lift block , through the edges of the lift platform and into holes at the bottom capped with a knob of brown plastic [Rod] as B.254:4-1998 [Cap (closures)] runner cap [Cap (closures)] as B.254:6-1998 [Wall] Partition Wall clear plastic moulded flat on one side and corrugated on the other; at the top it is section representing clear windows down one edge, on both sides, are a set of dots which stablise the window when placed between the window fittings of the rooms [Wall] as B.254:8-1998 [Bed] Hospital Bed four legged flat bed with open slats at one end and a central panel at the other end representing the case note board [Bed] as B.254:10-1998 [Bed] as B.254:10-1998 [Bed] as B.254:10-1998 [Bed] as B.254:10-1998 ONE LEG IS MISSING [Bed] as B.254:14-1998 [Mattress] Mattress pale blue plastic moulded to represent a mattress with a diamond and stud pattern and a pillow [Mattress] as B.254:16-1998 [Mattress] as B.254:16-1998 [Mattress] as B.254:16-1998 [Mattress] moulded pink plastic and the same design as B.254:16-1998 [Mattress] as B.254:20-1998 [Table] white plastic moulded to represent a four legged table [Table] as B.254:22-1998 [Table] red plastic designed as B.254:22-1998 [Table] as B.254:24-1998 [Chair] Upright Chair white plastic moulded to represent a straight chair with slatted back [Chair] as B.254:26-1998 [Chair] as B.254:26-1998 [Chair] red plastic designed as B.254:26-1998 [Chair] as B.254:29-1998 [Chair] as B.254:29-1998 [Cabinet] Bedside Cupboard or Locker white plastic moulded to represent a cupboard with a drawer and bottom door with a knob [Cabinet] as B.254:32-1998 [Cabinet] as B.254:32-1998 [Cabinet] as B.254:32-1998 [Cabinet] as B.254:32-1998 [Cabinet] as B.254:32-1998 [Table] Hospital Bed Table white plastic moulded to represent a high arch shaped table with flat tray like top [Table] as B.254:38-1998 [Table] as B.254:38-1998 [Table] as B.254:38-1998 [Table] as B.254:38-1998 [Table] as B.254:38-1998 [Basin] Wash Basin light pink plastic moulded to represent a hand basin on square shaped pedestal; taps are indicated at the back of the basin [Basin] as B.254:44-1998 [Basin] as B.254:44-1998 [Basin] as B.254:44-1998 [Chair] Lounger red plastic moulded to represent a lounger chair with sloping back, arm rests and ridged surface [Chair] as B.254:48-1998 [Chair] as B.254:48-1998 [Chair] as B.254:48-1998 [Chair] Rocking Chair red plastic, moulded to represent a rocking chair with the seat loosely hooked over each rocker using the arm rests; back is decoratively moulded with the rest of the chair is plain [Wheelchair] Wheelchair pale pink plastic moulded as an all in one wheelchair with two large pink rear wheels and one small black one at the front of the foot rest [Wheelchair] as B.254:53-1998 [Stretcher] moulded white plastic representing a stretcher with four carrying arms, four small feet underneath and the indication of a pillow at one end [Stretcher] as B.254:55-1998 [Trolley] Hospital Trolley open lattice with four black wheels [Table] Operating Table flat table top moulded on a square footed pedestal via a plastic and brass swivel joint which allows the table to be angled [Table] Instrument Table rectangular with two shelves and handles at the top side edges [Table] as B.254:59-1998 [Table] Table for Bowls similar to B.254:59-1998, with two holes cut into each shelf [Stool] three legged high stool with foot rest circling the legs [Stand] Drip Stand white plastic pole with a hook at the top end; bottom pushes in the base B.254:64-1998 [Base] base for drip stand round with bowl in the centre to hold the stand, pink plastic [Bottle] pink drip bottle, with a pale pink loop at the top and a pale pink tube extending from the bottom [Bottle] as B.254:65-1998 [Cylinder] oxygen cylinder, moulded pink plastic [Cylinder] as B.254:67-1998 [Bucket] very pale pink with white handle [Bucket] as B.254:69-1998 [Bowl] bowl, very pale pink moulded plastic [Bowl] as B.254:71-1998 [Chamberpot] chamberpot, moulded pink plastic [Crutch] crutch, very pale pink moulded plastic [Crutch] as B.254:74-1998 [Skeleton] human skeleton, white moulded plastic [Figure] white solid plastic moulded to represent a figure of hospital staff -surgeon in a half sitting position designed to be sitting on the tall stool [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - masked surgical staff, amn with arms outstretched, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - masked surgical staff, man with arm across body, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - masked surgical staff, woman with arms outstretched, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 -masked surgical staff, woman with arms behind back, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:81-1998 [Figure] as B.254:81-1998 [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - stretcher bearer, man in long coat with hands designed to hold the stretcher, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:84-1998 [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - nurse with right arm stretched out, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:86-1998 [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - nurse with both arms outstretched, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:88-1998 [Figure] white solid plastic moulded to represent a figure of a hospital patient - male patient in pyjamas, bare feet, sitting up [Figure] as B.254:90-1998 [Figure] as B.254:90-1998 [Figure] as B.254:90-1998 [Figure] as B.254:90-1998 [Figure] as B.254:90-1998 - woman in gown, lying down [Figure] as B.254:95-1998 [Figure] as B.254:95-1998 [Figure] as B.254:90-1998 -man in a dressing gown, with left arm in sling [Figure] as B.254:90-1998 - boy lying down with arms on chest [Figure] as B.254:99-1998 [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - man in suit holding book in right hand, on oval base [Figure] as B.254:77-1998 - stretcher bearer wearing a sweater, hands designed to hold stretcher, on oval base - figure could also be used to hold the crutches [Figure] as B.254:102-1998 [miniature (size attribute)] white plastic moulded to represent a slatted garden seat or bench [Chair] garden chair designed to match the garden seat, B.254:104-1998 [Chair] as B.254:105-1998 [Flag] pale pink plastic moulded to represent a flag pole, with white knob at the top and white 'rope'; it ends with a knob which fits into the stand, B.254:108-1998 flag hangs at a slight angle and is covered with paper printed in red to show the name of the hospital [Base] sucker of clear plastic with centre bowl to house the bottom of the flag pole [Instructions] coarse paper folded in half and printed in black to show the title and illustrations for assembling the hospital and arranging the contents [Box] original box, made of cardboard which is printed on the outside and stapled along the centre bottom [Insert] corrugated brown card