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WARP: white wool; Z2S; 13 threads per inch (51 per dm); depressed in places. WEFT: cream, but dark brown within 'lazy lines', wool; Z spun, unplied, varies between 1 and 3 parallel threads per shoot; varied with 1 or 2 shoots after each row of knots; 8 knots per inch (31 per dm). Sometimes the 'lazy lines' have been paired and within them are sections of darker weft. PILE: wool: 7 colours: dark yellow (difficult to distinguish; it may have faded from something else), yellow, dark blue, light blue, dark brown, brown (which has probably faded from something else), white; symmetrical knot tied around 2 threads; 52 knots per sq. inch (791 per sq. dm). SIDE FINISH: 2 cords overcast with yellow wool END FINISH: Lower: incomplete but with a maximum of 2 cms. of plain weave with cream wool; Upper: missing. DESIGN: Described as woven. Field: light blue ground with long, 5-sided panel in dark blue with stepped niche at lower end. A long, vertical central stem bears 20 pairs of fruit and ends in three stylised blossoms, all in yellow. 24 pairs of small lillies in yellow, dark yellow and blue emerge from the sides. Outside the panel, the field is heavily decorated with bands of 11 or 10 and two halves of bowls containing three yellow or dark yellow flowerheads. These form a single column on either side of the panel and a single band along the upper edge. There is a band beyond the field's lower edge which has diagonal lines (in both directions) of small, faint lozenges in dark yellow on yellow. BORDERS: There are nine, described from the inside: (1) white ground with arabesque meander in dark yellow, yellow, light blue and light brown (2) , (4), (6) and (8): yellow ground with a sprig with a single light brown or yellow blossom. (3) and (7): dark brown ground with dark yellow, yellow and light brown sprigs (5) and (9): white ground with dark yellow, yellow and light brown sprigs.


Warp: white cotton; Z6S; 46 threads per inch (180 per dm); depressed Weft: white cotton; Z-spun, unplied; very difficult to determine, there may be other components; the weft is not passed after every row of knots, but appears to be every cm.; 20 knots per inch (84 per dm). Pile: wool; 8 colours: dark red, yellow, dark green, light green, dark blue, light blue, pink, white and possibly other pale colours, now faded; asymmetrical knot open to the right and tied around 2 threads but so heavily depressed that it is not possible to see the collar of the knot; 460 knots per sq. inch (check), (7560 per sq. dm. check). Side finish: 2 cords overcast with red wool. End Finish: both have two rows of offset knotting; 2.5 cm. long Design: Field: dark red ground with a quartered design of mainly yellow and blue medium-sized and small blossoms and palmettes in offset bands, those in the central row crowned with cloudbands. The two adjacent rows are on a vertical yellow line and the large motifs in the central band are similarly decorated with cloudbands. The ground is strewn with yellow and pink flowers and green leaves on green and yellow stems. Main border: dark green ground with alternating red and light blue blossoms on fine stems with smaller flowers and leaves. Inner border: reciprocal yellow and light blue elaborately scalloped design enclosing a small flower. Outer border: red ground with light blue or yellow leaf and three small flowerheads. Outermost border: undecorated dark green band.