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[Booklet] The book is printed with text and illustrations to show how to work and maintain the robot. It is printed in two langauges, English and French, and each section is forty pages long [Plug] Black plastic box with a three prong plug and a length of black and white plastic covered wire, wire ends with a jack which fits into the body of the robot to recharge its battery. It has an imput of 240v, 50 Hz//AC only with an output of 6V.---400mA 2.4VA. [cover (closure)] Cream plastic, designed to fit over the battery compartment of the control unit; finger grip at top end [Control unit] Moulded cream plastic with a metal pull out antenna at the top, a black control panel with switches, buttons and a directions stick. It also contains a microphone. The remote control can be used to operate the robot's movements, its two sound systems, allow the operator's voice to sound through the onboard speaker and if wanted with the tape sound, cassette recording, record movement signals and operated the various on/off systems. [Mat] Sheet of card printed in black and red to show a square with arrows and the name TOMY which is in white. The Home Base is used as the starting place for the robot to repeat its programmed cassettes accurately. [Tray] Moulded cream plastic with a red and black paper trim around edge. It has two lugs which fit across the front of the robot's chest, two plugs which fit into the arms and two round holes into which may be fitted glasses or mugs. [Robot] Moulded cream plastic with blue clear plastic dome, balck and orange parts and trim. The robot has a domed top with strobe eyes underneath. The body contains the battery and working mechanisms. The back is rounded and the front squared and set with cassette player, clock, speaker and various switches. The arms match the body and the 'hands' are black plastic. The arms move and the hands swivel. The right one has a round hole in the broad side and a slot in the narrow side. The left one is a grabber with its open/close lever on the outside; it also has a slot in the narrow side. The whole has a square base with protective rubber band and it is mounted on four black wheels with grey tractor tread. There is a fifth wheel which is the directional one, swivelling on a disc. At the left back is an antenna.