Portrait miniature

Lady Katherine Dormer

ca.1658 (painted)

Richard Gibson

Height: 81 mm, Width: 66 mm

P.77-1935 PDP

Portrait miniature of Lady Katherine Dormer. Watercolour on vellum by Richard Gibson, ca.1658.

Portrait, head and shoulders, turned to left and looking to front; the sitter is wearing a pearl necklace and earrings. Features in brown and sanguine, hatched diagonally with grey-blue shadow and some white heightening in the eyes and lips, on a pale carnation ground; hair in pale brown wash, hatched with darker colour and some gouache for the lights, also over the carnation; dress in blue wash with pale gouache lights; chemise in thick white shaded with grey; pearls in thick white impasto over grey; background a pale brown wash, heavily hatched with darker colour; on vellum put down on pasteboard. Frame: Twentieth-century double-sided locket of gilt-brass, the straight sides with a Single torus moulding, holding the flat glasses by their bevelled edges in bezels; the hanger of square section with a deep channel, bifurcating into uneven spirals of three and four turns. The locket was probably fitted to the miniature in the Museum; there is no record of the original, but the worm hole suggests that it, or at least its backboard, was wooden.

Provenance: Bt from Miss AJ Shears, Slough, Buckinghamshire, November 1935.

Location: In Storage

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