Columbia Orbiter 102 - You Make It Happen!

1981 (published)

Rockwell International

Height: 69.8 cm, Width: 53.6 cm

E.186-2004 PDP

"Columbia Orbiter 102 - You Make It Happen!" Space Shuttle poster issued by Rockwell International, United States, 1981

"Columbia Orbiter 102 - You Make It Happen!" Space Shuttle poster, composed of a rectangular grid of smaller photographic images illustrating people who engaged with the Space Shuttle project at work. The second square down and from the left in the grid has the word 'YOU!' printed in white on a pale turquoise blue background. Overlaid onto the grid is a white linear diagrammatic drawing of the Space Shuttle. To the top right of the poster (above the grid) printed in white are the words, 'COLUMBIA / [ORBITER 102]', and in the left-hand corner, in a finer black type is 'You make / it happen!'. Along the top of the grid, in a smaller black typeface, are the words, 'Space Shuttle Transportation System', and at the lower left-hand side of the poster, parallel to the bottom corner of the grid, in the larger black type face, are the words, 'Launch 1981'.

Gift of the American Friends of the V&A; Gift to the American Friends by Leslie, Judith and Gabri Schreyer and Alice Schreyer Batko

Location: Prints & Drawings Study Room, level C, case 3G, shelf DR5

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