Flat Tripod Stand

after 1220 (made)


Height: 7.4 - 8 cm, Diameter: 18 cm distance from one angle to opposite facet of flat rim, Diameter: 16 cm of underside

M.863-1927 MES

The dish has a flat base and low sides with a flat everted rim. Three, vase-shaped legs. On the rim, nine cartouches frame foliate scrolls. These are spaced by roundels inlaid with copper discs. The sides are undecorated. The inner surface has seven copper discs inlaid at its centre, forming a rossette pattern. They are embedded in the loops of engraved interlacing bands, which in turn interlace with a broader surrounding band of foliate scrollwork. Nine engraved trilobed motifs project from the outermost grooved, plain band. Patina: dull brown and green corroded surface, waxed.

Purchased for £8 from Bluett & Sons, 48 Davies St, London, W1, 17 October 1927. From the collection of Captain H.W.Murray.

Location: In Storage

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