Salon Rose Croix

1892 (printed)

Schwabe, Carlos

Height: 1914 mm, Width: 814 mm

E.291-1921 PDP

This poster advertises an exhibition of paintings at the Salon Rose Croix in Paris. Carlos Schwabe (1866-1926) showed paintings at the first Salon de la Rose Croix exhibition in 1892. The group was founded by Joséphin Péladan (1858-1918). The aim was to promote, through the arts, the causes of Roman Catholicism and anti-materialism. In the poster, the woman in black has broken her shackles, in a rejection of the material world. The woman in white, symbolising Faith, reaches out to help her ascend a staircase to heaven. The poster is framed with a rose and crucifix motif (the Rose Croix). It is restrained in composition, colour and lettering, reflecting the precepts of the Salon.

Given by Mrs J. T. Clarke

Location: In Storage

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