St Lawrence

15th century (made)


Height: 41.6 cm, Width: 12.5 cm

A.80-1946 SCP

Alabaster panel depicting St Lawrence. English, 15th century.

The figure of the saint, carved with an unusually small head, is wearing a deacon's dalmatic and alb. He carries a large closed book in his right hand and in his left holds his emblem, a gridiron, by the handle. The bottom of the gridiron is missing. The top right-hand corner of the panel is damaged. The panel is chipped slightly on the left-hand side below the saint's sleeve. Little colour remains. There are traces of black on the gridiron. The back of the panel bears four lead-plugged holes.

The saint is dressed in a deacon's robes and carries a book and a gridiron, said to have been the implement of his martyrdom.

Acquired by Dr W. L. Hildburgh in London. On loan from him since 1926. Given by Dr Hildburgh in 1946.

Given by Dr W. L. Hildburgh FSA

Location: In Storage

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