Pair of shoes

1750s (made)


Length: 24.5 cm from toe to heel, Height: 10 cm, Width: 7.5 cm

T.69&A-1947 T&F

Pair of women's shoes decorated with straw strips or 'splints' and embroidered with silk

Pair of women's shoes, with pointed toe and low heel decorated with couched straw splints and silk and metal thread embroidery.

Between 1750 and 1800 unusual materials were sometimes used for fashionable women's shoes. This pair is decorated with ornate straw strips or 'splints', as well as flowers and leaves embroidered in silk and scalloped edges in silver-gilt thread. The shoes have a pointed toe and a comfortable, low, broad heel covered in silk satin to match that of the lining. The latchets are tied with silk ribbons.

Location: In Storage

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