Go-Shokai Shimasu (Let me introduce you)

2002 (made)

Rutherford, Fiona

Height: 100 cm, Width: 250 cm, Weight: 3.0 kg

T.82-2003 T&F

Tapestry composed of three elements woven on one warp and then cut away and mounted on bamboo pole. Bold and colourful abstract pattern comprising large spots, stripes and squares. Canvas lining.

Fiona Rutherford was born in India and trained at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne from 1971-74. Her tapestries are known for their bold, simple imagery and a strong use of colour. Her recurring themes are the unlikely forms of birds and beasts combined with abstract shapes and patterns. A trip to Japan in 2001 led to her current fascination with the Japanese kimono. The layering of the cloth, the colour and pattern all influenced her subsequent ideas and she began to move away from the constraints of working within a small frame and embraced the freedom of a larger canvas. In Go Shokai Shimasu, the Japanese name for Let Me Introduce You, Rutherford has used the kimono shape as her canvas, thus highlighting the idea that clothing can grow from one piece of fabric.

This is the first tapestry to show the influence of Japanese textiles on Rutherford's work.

Location: In Storage

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