19th century (made)


Diameter: 1.56 in

1919-1877 SCP

Medal, bronze, Frederick Duke of York

Medal, bronze, round. Obv. profile bust of 'Field Marshal, F. Duke of York'. Rev., a soldier mourning beside a sarcophagus. Legend, 'Died Jan 5, 1827, beloved by his country'.

This round bronze medal depicts Field marshal, Frederick Duke of York. On the reverse a soldier is depicted mourning beside a sarcophagus with the legend 'Died Jan 5, 1827, beloved by his country.' Prince Frederick, Duke of York was the second son of George III. As an inexperienced young military officer, he presided over the unsuccessful campaign against the forces of France in the Low Countries, during the conflict which followed the French Revolution. Later, as commander-in-chief of the British army, he reorganising the nation's forces and put in place administrative reforms. He also founded the United Kingdom's renowned military college, Sandhurst. He died of dropsy in 1827.

Given by the late Jas. W. Fleming, F.R.C.S.E., Surgeon-Major 4th R.I.D Guards.

Given by the late Jas. W. Fleming, F.R, C.S.E, Surgeon- Major 4th R.I.D Guards.

Location: In Storage

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