Dolls' toboggan

1987 (made)


Length: 46.1 cm, Width: 23 cm, Depth: 17.3 cm

MISC.163-1989 MoC

Dolls' Toboggan made in Germany in 1987

Dolls' toboggan of plain wood; slotted, glued and nailed together. It has two curved ski runners on which rests a slatted seat with a curved back. The seat consists of two crossed beams mounted on four dowel posts glued into the runners (2 per runner) and of two outer slats which extend to slot into the tops of the runners and two shorter inner slats. The slats are nailed to the cross beams. The cross beams form the base from which four further dowel posts are glued to hold the seat back. The posts each have a deep cut at the top into which slots a semicircular thin wooden length forming the back. Where the wood passes through the slots in the posts there are small nails. At the front between the runners and below the slats is nailed a wooden bar which has a hole in its centre through which a pulling string would have been passed.

This toboggan was bought by the donor at a Christkindel market in Nuremberg in 1987. The market, held in the few weeks before the festive season, is world famous for its annual display of Christmas toys, decorations and food.

Given by Caroline Goodfellow

Location: Museum of Childhood, Moving Toys Gallery, case 7

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