Miniature living room set


B.3:5-2002 MoC

Miniature living room set for Kaleidoscope house

Set of living room furniture designed by contemporary American artists. [Box] Cardboard packaging for the living room set with a see-through lid. Brightly coloured in shades of mauve, yellow, green and orange. Original blister pack is inside the box. The box also has the Bozart toys by artists logo and a description of other furniture available in the range.The Kaleidoscope House and Living Room Set appear on the front of the box. [Mat] A rectangular piece of cotton cloth with red background and pattern of green oval shapes. [Table] Coffee table designed by Keiser-Newman. The chromed base which is in the shape of an X supports a clear, rectangular perspex table top. [Sofa] Three seat sofa designed by Karim Rashid for Idee, Japan. Probably made of wood covered with bright green (primary) baize fabric. [Chair] A 1:12 scale reproduction of a chair design by Ron Arad. Probably made of wood and covered with a bright pink baize fabric.

Given by Bozart Toys Inc

Location: In Storage

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