1560-1579 (made)


Height: 1.50 cm, Length: 15.40 cm, Width: 9.70 cm

M.375-1924 MET

Rectangular badge with silver gilt crest of eagles surrounding a shield applied with three rings at each end, two at the left and one on the right with additional loose rings.

This rectangular badge is inscribed with the name and coat of arms of Antonio Paraguesa, Archbishop of Cagliari from 1558-1572. The rings on the side suggest that it might have been sewn onto the clothing of the owner. It may have been given to one of the Archbishop's retainers as a badge of office.

Acquisition RF: 24/5033 L.A. Crichton Gift through the NACF

Gift of Mr. Lionel A. Crichton through The Art Fund

Location: Silver, room 69, case 26

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