Mechanical toy panda

1970s (manufactured)

Height: 27 cm

B.15-2002 MoC

Battery operated mechanical drinking panda made in Japan in the 1970s

Figure of a panda sitting on a metal base which acts as a battery holder. The body covering is nylon plush, with white for the body and black for the arms and legs. There are black celluloid claws on the right paw. There is an orange ribbon around the neck. The figure holds a white celluloid beaker cup in its left paw and a black celluloid bottle in its right. The head is white with black and white ears and black markings around the eyes. The eyes are clear plastic with black pupils. The nose is celluloid with a black tip. The mouth is open and a red celluloid tongue protrudes. Inside, the body is metal and the arms metal wires. The inner legs are hollow card. The battery compartment is shaped and decorated like a halved section of tree trunk and opens at the base with a hinged lid. There is space inside for two batteries. There are pictures of two rabbits and a chipmunk at either end of the base.

Given by Anthony J Smith

Location: Museum of Childhood, Moving Toys Gallery, case 16

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