Mechanical toy panda

1970s (manufactured)

Alps Shoji Toys

Height: 24.5 cm

B.14-2002 MoC

Battery operated mechanical shoeshine panda made in Japan in the 1970s

Dressed figure of a panda sitting on a metal base which acts as a battery holder. The head, arms and upper body are nylon plush and the rest of the body is covered by a pair of yellow and black felt dungarees. There is a ribbon around the neck. The feet are black metal decorated with white to denote shoes. The figure holds a bristle brush with yellow plastic handle in either paw. A metal bell is attached to the right hand brush. (The left hand one appears to be missing). The head is white with black ears and black markings around the eyes. The eyes are plastic, orange with black pupils. The nose is celluloid with a black tip. There is a yellow and brown plastic corncob pipe stuck into the mouth area. Inside, the body is metal and the arms and legs metal wires. The battery compartment is coloured blue with a red brick pattern. It is rectangular with a rounded top and opens at the base with a hinged lid. There is space inside for two 1.5 V batteries.The base has pictures of two laughing dogs and a collection of shoeshine materials.

Given by Anthony J Smith

Location: In Storage

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