3rd century -4th century (made)


Height: 22.86 cm

IM.75-1927 SSEA

Standing figure of Vishnu, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India, 3rd-4th century.

The figure, which is somewhat eroded and lacks any facial features, is broken off at the lower part of his legs; the feet, the forearms of the two supplementary arms and the hands of the normal arms having broken off. He stands facing to the front, clad in a short dhoti with a long garland falling to below his knees, a torque round his neck, earrings and crown (kirita). The two normal arms are bent at the elbow and terminate at the girdle. The upper arms of the two supplementary arms fall parallel with those of the normal arms. Behind the head is a circular sun-disc or halo upon which are indicated two streamers fluttering to the left from his crown.

Purchased from Imre Schwaiger in 1927.

Location: In Storage

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