18th century or 19th century (made)


Length: 18.1 in, Diameter: 3.95 in bowl

M.403-1917 MET

Brass ladle with a circular bowl and oblong hole in the end of the handle, English, 18th century

Ladle with a flat, straight handle with an oblong hole in the end; with circular bowl.

Ladles are used for serving liquid food or drinks and come in many different styles. This brass ladle was made sometime during the period 1700-1900 in Birmingham. The city was already a centre for skilled metalwork when brass founding was established there by the 1690s. After 1700 the numbers of brass founders increased rapidly and by the end of the century there were 71 separate brass foundries established in Birmingham. It had become the centre of brass manufacturing in Britain, producing a vast range of domestic utensils for a national and international market.

Bequeathed by G. Russell-Davies

Location: In Storage

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