Marcus, Aaron

Height: 28 cm, Length: 21.8 cm

E.667-1976 PDP

Print by Aaron Marcus

"Photoprint" from a computer-generated image, with white circles, squares and lines on a dark blue background

This is one of a set of eleven "photoprints" produced by Aaron Marcus who was one of the first trained graphic designers to work with computer graphics. The prints were created from computer generated images made on a PDP-10 computer using the Fortran and APL programming languages. The original images would have been displayed on a computer - controlled phototypesetting machine, then converted into photographic prints, with some then transformed into lithographs. The Museum also holds a set of four lithographs by Aaron Marcus, and these include images that are similar to those used in some of the "photoprints".

Location: Prints & Drawings Study Room, level E, case MP, shelf 24, box A

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