18th century-19th century (made)


Length: 10 in, Width: 21 in, Length: 25.5 cm, Width: 53.5 cm

T.25-1935 EAS

Fragment, silk satin brocaded with coloured silks and gold thread, Suzhou, China, Qing dynasty, 18th-19th century.

Fragment of silk satin brocaded with coloured silks and gold thread. On a bright green satin ground is a strip of brocaded pattern consisting of alternating roundels composed of a dragon and floral devices and palmettes composed of the sceptre-head (ruyi) symbol. The dragons are mainly in gold (gilt-paper wound round a silk core); the other brocading colours are scarlet pink, mauve, yellow, blue and black. The inscription is brocaded in green silk and runs across the piece above the bands of plain weaving.

Registered File number 1934/274.

Given by Messrs S. M. Franck and Co. Ltd.

Location: In Storage

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