mid 18th century (made)


Height: 93 in, Width: 33.875 in

T.48&A-1910 EAS

Tex, Japan, woven. Hanging-picture scroll or Kakemono of brocaded silk with a wooden roller, Japan, mid 18th century

Hanging-picture scroll or Kakemono of brocaded silk and gilt paper. With a wooden roller. [Scroll] Scroll of silk brocade in coloured and black silk weave with gilt-paper strips on a cream-coloured silk ground. Beneath a canopy of lotus flowers, scrolling foliage and a flaming jewel pinnacle ornamented with triple-strings of beads and supported by clouds are six rows of deities representing the thirty three incarnations of Kwannon. The borders consist of rows of circular lobed medallions containing leaf-devices. [Roller] Roller of wood with caps of gilt-copper at each end. At the top there are two vertical strips of brocade for securing the picture when rolled.

Location: In Storage

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