Untitled (Cowboys)

1986 (photographed)

Prince, Richard

Height: 68.6 cm, Width: 101.5 cm

E.2755-1990 PDP

Photograph by Richard Prince, 'Untitled (Cowboys)', C-type colour print, USA, 1986

A colour photograph depicting a cowboy riding a horse alongside another horse with no rider.

Richard Prince (born 1949) takes sections of advertising images from posters or magazines, and presents them unaltered and without comment. The images he chooses are generally iconic and stereotypical, representing a mythical or imaginary America. Freed from their original function and the context of advertising, the images pose questions about consumerism and draws attention to the dichotomy between the depiction of solitary heroes in a nature untouched by humans and the urban environments in which such posters are seen.

Copyright Richard Prince

Location: In Storage

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