18-19th century (made)

IM.14-1932 SSEA

Yamantaka with his Sakti; Religion, cotton, tempera, Tibet, C18-19

Vajrabhairava, with Dharmapala and scholars: Central figure of Vajrabhairava rendered in yabyum with his sakti. On the top left hand corner is Atisa, wearing brown and red monk's robes and hat; he has a green halo and mauve mandorla. The top three monks are rGyal-Tshab -(left), Tsongkapa-(centre) and mKhas-grub-(right) On the bottom right are Vaisravana above Sridevi. In the centre bottom is Mahakala in a six-armed form. Bottom left are Yama amd Yami conventionally rendered. Just above is bSe'i-khrab-can, a wrathful aspect of Dharmapala in red and holds a club in his right arm and noose in the left. He wears ahelmet adorned with flags, armour and long boots and rides a yellow horse and carried a leopard-skin bow case. He is surrounded by a mandorla of flames and beneath the horse there appears to be a naked red figure.

Location: In Storage

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