Tangka painting

18th century (made)

Height: 65 cm, Width: 46 cm

Tangka painitng SSEA

Tangka,Peaceful deities of Bardo; Religion, Tibet, C18

Tangka painting of peaceful deities of the Chonid Bardo, the third stage of the Bardo as given in the Baredo Thodol. Showing Vajrasattva in the centre with a green halo and blue and light orange mandorla. Samantabhadra at the top in dark blue and holds a white sakti. He has ayellow halo and a pale mauve mandorla. The lotus throne is held by a white lion with greeen mane. Thge other deities are Amitabha, Amogha-Siddhi, Vairocana, Vajrasattva, Ratnasambhava, Virachara, Sakyamuni, Shata-kratu, Dharmaraja. The door guardians are Yamantaka and Hayagriva.

Location: In Storage

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