18th-19th century (made)

Height: 56 cm, Width: 38 cm

IS.48-1985 SSEA

Padmasambhava with his wives; Religion, cloth tempera, Tibet, C18-19

Central seated figure of Padmasambhava, holding vajra and making the indomitable finger pointing mudra with his right hand, his left holding the kapala, the khatraya resting on his left arm. The fgure surrounded by a blue and brown mandorla, the head by a green halo around which climb two white and red lotus flowers. To either side in attendance his two wives right- Mandarava and left- Bhasadara making an offering. Above these figures a group of 9 seated Buddhas, bareheaded, wearing monastic garments and each with usnisa. The central figure is Amitabha conventionally rendered. The figure top left may be Aksobhya, top right Ratnasambhava and immediately to the right of Amitabha, Vairocana displaying the usual dharmacakra mudra. Below Padmasambhava a group of 5 Bodhisattavas seated displaying various mudras.

Location: In Storage

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