18th-19th century (made)

Length: 69.8 cm, Width: 46.9 cm

IS.63-1965 SSEA

Avalokitesvara as Sadaksari; Religion, gouache cotton, Tibet, C18-19

In the centre is the figure of Avolokitesvara in the form of Sadaksari who appears again next to his throne in the right and left, and again, directly below the throne in the form of Simhanadavolokitesvara surrounded by the mantra ' Om mane...etc.; on each of the latter are Arhats , worshippers etc.; in the top left and top right corners are six stupas representling the eight main places connected with Buddha's life; along the bottom from left to right are: manjusri, Ekajata (Blue Tara), Hayagriva, Syamatara (Green Tara), Vajrapani.

Location: In Storage

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