Tibetan painting

14th century (made)

Height: 58 cm, Width: 43.2 cm

IS.20-1970 SSEA

Padmasambhava; Religion, cloth, Tibet, cC14

Tangka painting showing in the centre a figure of Padmasambhava,conventionally rendered with charactertistic hat (with lappets down) having five discs at the front and holding staff, vajra and skull cap; on each side are his wives and he is surrounded by figures of his 25 disciples enclosed in foliage tendrils, Amitabha Shadakshavi, the green and white Taras and a Nagaraja; the elaborate lotus throne in which he sits appears to grow out of water. The majority of the figures are identified by inscriptions written in standard or cursive Tibetan script. A large prayer addressed to Padmasambhava arranged in the form of a stupa is written on the back. The mount, which is wider than the painting, is of black cotton, with curtaines of pale yellow-green silk and with two pink ribbons; the battens are of wood formerly painted red, and with turned ends.

Location: South-East Asia, room 47a, case 12

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