probably 19th century (made)


Height: 26.4 cm painting, Width: 20.3 cm painting, Height: 26.1 cm sight area, Width: 19.8 cm sight area, Height: 27.2 cm frame, Width: 21.0 cm frame

IS.57-1977 SSEA

Tangka depicting Tsongkapa & Buddhas Bodhisattvas & monks, gouache on prepared cotton ground, Tibet, probably 19th century

Tangka, depicting figure of Tsongkapa surrounded by deities & monks. Along the top are the Buddhas of the Three Times (?), perhaps also representing Body, Speech and Mind as they seem to have the mantra Om, Ah, Hum painted on them indistinctly; on each side of the central figure's head are (left) Sang-dui and (right) Samvara; below these are Tsongkapa's two chief disciples and below them, along the bottom (from left to right) Lha-mo, Yama, Mahakara, Vaisravana, and a mounted figure. Below the central figure are (left) Avalokitesvara, Vajrabhairava (centre) and (right) Vajrapani (he holds a vajra in his right hand. On the back there is an impression from a wood block, in pink ink, of two un-identified figures surrounded by flames.

Registered File number 1976/2286.

Bequeathed by Miss Charlotte Alison Shaw

Location: In Storage

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