1794 (made)


Height: 140 mm, Width: 187 mm, Height: 116 mm image within innermost painted borders, Width: 166 mm image within innermost painted borders

IS.114-1954 SSEA

Painting, Vishnu and Lakshmi riding on Garuda, wishing tree, Bhagavata Purana, by Bhagvan, Kulu, 1794

Painting, in opaque watercolour on paper, Vishnu and Lakshmi riding on Garuda, carrying a tree, the 'rape of the wishing tree' from a Bhagavata Purana series.

IS. 90 to 128-1954 were purchased for £150, from Maggs Bros. Register description: 'Other pages of this manuscript including one bearign a colophon are in the National Museum, New Delhi. The colophon states that "these paintings of a God (Bhagavan) were executed at the instance [sic] of Sri Pritham Singh in the city of Raghunathpura (i.e. Kulu vide Hutchiinson and Vogel), dated Samvat 1851, asvina, 2nd tithi of 2nd fortnight (i.e. Friday 26 Sept, 1794 A.D. assuming that 2nd fortnight means "Sukla paksha"). (See W. G. A. Indian tour notes for fuller text)." '

Location: In Storage

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