Betel nut bowl

18th century-19th century (made)


IS.319-1950 SSEA

Tazza for betel nut, niello work, made in Nakhon Si Thammarat (Ligor), Thailand, collected in Perak, Malaysia, 18th-19th century

Tazza for betel-nut.

Collected by R.J. Wilkinson in Perak, Malaysia. IS.250 to 451-1950 and IS.1 to 7-1952, came from the collection of Mr. Richard James Wilkinson (1867-1941), who was formerly Deputy Governor of the Straits Settlement (1911 to 1916) and later Governor of Sierra Leone (1916-1922). He had acquired a collection of mostly Malay silverware and goldware, niello work, arms, etc. in Singapore and the Federated Malay States, which on 23 June 1919 was lent to the Indian Section of the V&A with the possibility of later making a bequest. A second loan of Malay brasswork followed on 31 October 1921. A total of 209 pieces were finally bequeathed to the V&A on 26 October 1950 following the death of his widow, Mrs Edith Sinclair Wilkinson.

Bequeathed by E.S. Wilkinson

Location: In Storage

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