A Mughal warrior and his wife

ca. 1785 (painted)


Height: 36.8 cm, Width: 27 cm Taken from Arts of India 1550-1900

IS.75:18-1954 SSEA

Paintings; Watercolour on English paper, A Mughal warrior and his wife, Madras, ca. 1785

A Mughal warrior and his wife. A child (?) and a black buck in the foreground.

This is a page from the Boileau Album. The album contains 42 Company paintings probably made by an artist from Thanjavur (Tanjore) living in Madras. Painting in Madras at this early period appears to have been linked mainly to individual patronage. John Peter Boileau commissioned this album. Boileau, whose ancestors were French, served as a member of the Madras Civil Service from 1765 to 1785. He probably had the album made to take back home to England when he retired.

Location: In Storage

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