Prototypes and castings, equipment

Action Man

1975-1984 (made)

B.442:1-1996 MoC

prototypes and castings, english; 1975-84

1. aqualung tanks or air tanks, carved and varnished wood pattern; double tanks, hollow at the back and round at the front, linked by shaped blocks of wood. The production model aqualung tanks are together not separated. Ht. 2 5/8in (6.7cm) 2. first castings, white plastic with the moulded items painted black; shown are 8 items representing belt additions such as pouches; one item has become detached (3). L. 5in x w. 2 5/8in (12.7 x 6.7cm) 3. first casting, triangular shape rather like a bicycle saddle, white plastic painted black. ht. 7/8in x 1¼in (2.2 x 3.2cm) 4. first castings, white plastic with the moulded items painted black; only 4 items remain and all represeted belt additions such as pouches; where items have become detached there are white spaces. 4¼in sq. (10.8cmsq.) 5. first casting, white plastic painted black on moulded side; the casting represents cloth and has a large rectangular cut out panel and a small oval one. 3in x 2¼in ( 7.6 x 5.8cm) 6. pre-production moulding, yellow plastic; attached to the central cross are 6 panels, each with 7 tube shapes, a knotched strap at one end and a loop at the other. The casting is shown on (2). 7. pouch, casting in khaki plastic spray painted cream. The first casting is shown on (2). 8. matrix or first casting, white resin mounted on white plastic which is on chipboard. It seems to be part of an engine possibly the first suspension and has metal coils added. The whole surface has pencil markings and lines. Ht. 6in x w. 7 1/8in x d. 1½in ( 15.3 x 18.1 x 3.8cm) 9. casting shape, mottled brown and green plastic with an indent in the shape of a large sword; the shape is covered with a shiny surface and around its outer edge is a series of pin holes. 5 ¾in x 2½in x ¾in (14.7 x 6.3 x 1.8cm) 10. casting shape, mottled green and brown plastic with two cut out panels in the top; the cut out shapes are utside with a series of pin holes. 3½in x 3in x ¾in (8.9 x 7.6 x 1.8cm) 11. casting of Action Man's face, resin painted black; in the head are the eyes from the eagle eye movement and cast to the face are goggles; around the face has been added flock hair. Ht. 1 5/8in (4.2cm) 12. casting of Action Man head with elongated neck; white resin painted black; it shows the hed wearing a 2nd World War flyer's helmet; at each side is a small brass loop and in the centre back a stell pin. Ht. 2¾in (7cm) 13. casting of a camouflaged helmet, resin painted black; it is the later type with the netting and pieces sticking out of it called the broken image pattern. Diam.2½in (6.3cm) 14. casting of a pouch, dark plastic painted cream with plastic loops added. It is larger in size and would be scaled down for production. 15. wooden block with a set of wooden strips nailed and glued to it; there is no indication of what this might represent, however, it could be an air grill for a vehicle. Overall 3½in x 3¼in x 1in (8.9 x 8.3 x 2.5cm) 16. wooden block in an arc shape with a ridge cut into both the outer and inner sides; purpose unknown. L. 3¾in (9.5cm)

References: ACTION MAN Equipment. Made In Hong Kong by the Palitoy Company; A Division of General Mills UK Ltd; Coalville; Leicester; England; Under Licence from Hasbro Ind. Inc Pawtucket; RI USA

Location: In Storage

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