Circus elephant

1920-1930 (made)

Height: 15.2 cm, Width: 3.1 cm

B.244-1996 MoC

circus elephant, english; 1920-30

An elephant made of various shaped pieces of 3-plywood, printed or painted with black lines to create the overall appearance of being a circus performing elephant. There appears to be traces of red on the back but these may be staining from an outside source rather than part of the original. The head, two part body, limbs and tail are individual, linked at the appropriate places with small metal clips. Blocks has been added to the inside of the body parts at the head and tail joins. The base of the head may at one time have had some form of restraint to stop it going fully down as it does now. *A loop of brass wire is attached but it is not part of the original.

Location: In Storage

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