1800-1900 (made)


Diameter: 55 mm, Height: 19 mm

FE.45-2009 EAS

Cer, Korea, porcelain fragment, Choson period

Detached faceted fragment, possibly from a vessel or dish. Glazed on faceted surface and inside (?)foot. Some underglaze blue decoration visible on the glazed portion of main flat surface. Glaze crackled; kiln material adhered to surface.

Simple glazed ceramics with refined shapes were popular in Korea during the Choson period (1392-1910). Cobalt blue was used to decorate some of these ceramics. This pigment had to be imported from China, which made it expensive. As a result, its use was sometimes banned as it represented an extravagance at odds with the austerity of Confucian values. Generally, blue and white ceramics were used in households of the upper echelons of society: at court and among the literati.

Given by Sheila E. Hoey Middleton

Location: In Storage

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