Atomic man

1976, ©1975 and ©1964 (made)


B.1210:1-1993 MoC

ATOMIC MAN SAMPLES; England/Hong Kong; 1976

1. jacket; beige; green and brown camouflage cotton; front fastening with two press studs; label at neck ATOMIC MAN BY HASBRO HONG KONG 2. ATOMIC MAN FRONT PLATE D614; four round grey plastic plugs attached to a luggage label which reads - APPROVED SAMPLES OF ATOMIC MAN B/H FRONT PLATE D614 RIE 24-6-76 3. envelope containing the front plates with a green approval label which reads - Code No. D614; Product: ATOMIC HEART FRONT PLATE; Approved By: RIE (written initials) 28 June '76 4. Atomic Man Heart Case; four black plastic disc shapes contained in a plastic bag stamped in blue SAMPLES GTE Geo. Tucker Eyelet Co. Ltd; Walsall Road; Birmingham 22B; England; on the outside is a green approval label which reads - Code No. D615; Product: ATOMIC MAN HEART CASE; Approved by RIE (initials); 7.7.76. 5. Atomic Man Heart Button; four black plastic lugs contained in a similar bag to (4) with a green approval label which reads - Code No. D618; Product: ATOMIC MAN HEART BUTTON; Approved by RIE (initials) Date 7.7.76. 6. Atomic Man; five flat elastic belts with metal fastenings at each end. They are looped together on a luggage label which reads - D638 ATOMIC MAN RIE (initials) 28-5-76. 7. ATOMIC MAN FIGURE, early Action Man body with gripping hands. The right arm and left leg have been replaced by see through plastic moulded over grey parts. On the lower arm is a switch which turns the hand of the figure. Embedded into the left chest is a grey disc with a black press button in the centre. The head of the figure is not Action Man; it has one painted blue eye and the other (the right) has been covered with a plastic dome. The scar is on the left cheek and the mouth is wider. Hair is dark brown flock.

References: Action Man was adapted to create the ATOMIC MAN

Location: In Storage

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