(mini) action figure

At-At Driver

© 1977;1978;1980 (made)


Height: 22.9 cm, Width: 15.3 cm

B.1071-1993 MoC

AT-AT Driver; action figure; Hong Kong; 1980

Bubble pack printed in colours to show the title and photograph of the film actor wearing the costume; bubble in lower left corner. On the back is a list of the other characters with photographs. Figure is of injection moulded plastic, mid and light grey and white with black trim. Jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Gun is black plastic.

References: Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back; second film. © 1980 Lucasfilm Ltd (LFL). ™ owned by Lucasfilm Ltd LFL and used by Palitoy under authorisation. *other ©'s are used 1977; 1978 and 1979. ages 4 and up Palitoy is a registered trademark of CPG Products Corp. The Palitoy Company, Coalville, Leicester, England

Location: In Storage

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