Embroidery silks

ca. 1887 (made)

Morris & Co.

T.123 to 20-1985 T&F

Collection of nineteen embroidery silk skeins found in paper wrapping, made by Morris & Co., England, ca. 1887

Collection of nineteen pastel embroidery silk skeins found in paper wrapping. Eighteen of them are wound around card. The silks are of various thickness and in shades of brown, blue and pink. The cards on which they wound are marked in pencil with various notes concerning their use. Some of the cards are numbered. [Wrapping paper] Package of paper.

Registered File number 1985/326. The cards used are adapted postcards, invitations and advertisements. One postcard, from the Hampstead Liberal club, is addressed to H. Holiday the artist, and another card is an invitation to the Holiday's house in Hampstead. As Catherine Holiday was a prolific embroideress who worked from her husband's and William Morris's designs and used Morris & Co silks, it may be suggested that these silks were used by her. A scrap of newspaper found with the silks is dated 1952 and shows that the silks were acquired by the Museum during the preparation of the Exhibition 'Victorian and Edwardian Decorative Arts'.

Location: In Storage

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