The Entombment

late 15th century to early 16th century (made)


Height: 3.9 cm, Width: 2.9 cm

A.428-1910 SCP

Plaquette, bronze, the Entombment, by Moderno, North Italy, late 15th to early 16th century

The body of the Dead Christ is resting on the edge of the sepulchre, which is decorated with grotesque reliefs. He is being laid back by Joseph and Arimathea, while the Virgin supports one arm, and St. Mary Magdalene spreads out her hands in lamentation.

This plaquette by Moderno shows the Entombment of Christ. Moderno (Galeazzo Mondella) (1467-1528) is the pseudonym of this goldsmith and medallist active in North Italy and later in Rome. He signed certain pieces of his work with OPUS MODERNI (opus is the Latin term for 'work' - which then means 'work of the modern'). The modern here is referring to the Ancient World, in contrary to the Naturalism of the Gothic. His earliest works may date around 1485-1490, and his earliest dated work is 1490. Moderno specialised in small bronze plaquettes exploring religious or antique themes, and catered for a clientele of learned humanists.

From the Salting bequest.

Location: In Storage

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