1969 (made)


Height: 27.0 cm, Width: 8.0 cm

FE.5-1990 EAS

Figure of Li Tiemei, from the opera 'Red Lantern'

This figure represents Li Tiemei, heroine of the Revolutionary Peking opera The Red Lantern. She stands with a railwayman's lantern in her right hand, a climactic moment when she summons the guerrilla group that will wipe out the Japanese garrison. The Red Lanternis a tale of communist resistance to the Japanese invasion of 1937-1945. The story existed in various literary forms before it first entered the Peking opera repertoire in 1965. It became a Revolutionary model opera in 1968 when it was performed in the presence of Chairman Mao.

Location: China, room 44, case 30

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