ca. 1450 (made)


Height: 27.75 in, Width: 15.5 in

432-1901 SCP

Statuette, Nicodemus and St. Mary Magdalene, Germany, ca. 1450.

Group, in carved walnut: Nicodemus and St. mary Magdalene. Probably from a representation of the Deposition from the Cross. Nicodemus stands on the right holding in his right hand the three Sacred Nails; he wears a hat with a rosette in front and a long robe with a border at the bottom, and round his waist is a belt with a wallet. St. Mary Magdalene kneels on the left, lifting in her left hand the lid of the alabaster box of ointment, which together with her right hand is missing.

This statuette orginally formed part of a Lamentation over the Dead Christ which would probably have occuped the corpus of a small altarpiece or may have formed part of an Entombment group displayed in an arched niche in a church.. Mary Magdalene kneels holding the lid of a jar in her left hand. The bearded figure of Nicodemus stands behind her holding three nails. He wears a brimmed hat with a jewel and a long cloak with carved decorations on the border; around his waist is a belt with a soft bag attached. The group is carved from one block of wood.

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