Boy's coat

late 18th century-early 19th century (made)


Length: 87 cm neck to hem, Width: 100 cm at hem, Width: 104 cm cuff to cuff, Length: 36 in, Width: 40 in across sleeves

IM.35-1934 SSEA

Boy's coat or shawl cloth of brocaded wool and embroidered in silk and silver threads, North India, late 18th century-early 19th century

Boy's coat or shawl cloth of brocaded woollen cloth (pashmina) with facings of embroidered silk. Short body, tubular sleeves and full pleated skirt. Open in the front, and secured over the breast by a ball-and-loop and tying cord. The material is an orange coloured pashmina with a brocaded diaper of small flowerets in blue, yellow, green and black. The intervening ground is impressed with four-fold diagonal and intersecting lines forming a diamond trellis. The collar, cuffs and edges are ornamented with strips and panels of sage-green Lahore silk embroidered in coloured silks and silver threads with a delicate design of scrolling floral stems. Lined with a mixed fabric of cotton and silk with vertical stripes in red and pale pink. This would have been worn in the winter months at several of the courts of North India with trousers.

Given by P. F. Dietz, Esq.

Location: In Storage

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