early 14th century (made)


1494:17-1876 MES

Tile, fritware, glazed and painted in turquoise, cobalt blue and lustre, Iran (probably Kashan), early 14th century

Large rectangular tile, fritware, with narrow projecting bands at top and bottom; these are left white with inscriptions painted on them in lustre. The lustre decoration is in general very worn on this tile, but especially so at the borders. The central field is decorated with a moulded inscription (probably from the Qur’an), painted in cobalt blue; the background is painted in golden-brown lustre, with a decoration of scrolling palmettes left in reserve, though the spirals of the scroll are infilled with turquoise pigment.

From the mosque at Natanz.

Location: Ceramics Study Galleries, Asia & Europe, room 137, case 26, shelf 8

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