Stop = thinking + braking

1950s (made)

Games, Abram

Height: 74.5 cm, Width: 49.2 cm

E.885-2004 PDP

'Stop = thinking + braking', road safety poster, designed by Abram Games for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 1950s

'Stop = thinking + braking' (stop equals thinking plus braking) road safety poster for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Depicts a foot hovering over a brake pedal, with a line of yellow (to the left of the foot) and red (right) dots passing through it towards a distant red disc. The dots appear to refer to the breaking time with yellow for the time it takes to press the brake pedal and red standing for the 'danger-time' afterwards. Together with white dashes, representing the white lines on a road, they suggest a perspectival view. The background is black towards the upper left, while the rest is lime-green, highlighting the foot, which is depicted in black shoes with green stitching. Towards the top of the image are the words, 'STOP = thinking + braking' (the first and last words are red, the middle yellow, and the symbols, white), and below the main image, at the right-hand side, 'Both take time and distance', printed in black, except for the last word which is white.

Gift of the American Friends of the V&A; Gift to the American Friends by Leslie, Judith and Gabri Schreyer and Alice Schreyer Batko

Location: Prints & Drawings Study Room, level C, case 3G, shelf DR27

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