Portrait of Louisa Blake Richmond (1822-83)

ca. 1865-ca. 1868 (made)

Gille, Vion and Baury

[Portrait relief] Length: 12.1 cm

C.102:1-1998 CER

Portrait relief of a woman looking left, said to be of Louisa Blake Richmond; photosculpture in biscuit porcelain, made by Gille, Vion and Baury, Paris, France, about 1865-8, in a velvet lined glazed giltwood frame

Head and shoulders low relief portrait of a woman looking to the left and wearing a lace-edged headscarf tied under the chin and a hair ornament of oak leaves and acorns. The relief is made of biscuit hard-paste porcelain , measures 12.1 cm, and is laid on an indigo velvet backboard held in a glazed giltwood frame (all loose at time of acquisition) surmounted by a shield of arms. The shoulder truncation is inscribed (printed?) 'Photosculpture France' in cobalt blue, and the hollowed back has an impressed seal of light blue porcelain with the initials 'GJ' in monogram, has an integrally formed suspension loop, and is inscribed '29052' in pencil. An index card secured to the back of the frame with drawing pins is inscribed in coloured ballpoint pens and pencil: '"Photo sculpture" (circa /of /Louisa Richmond (Blake) Tyler / (2/6/1822-11/26/1883) / Grandmother of Charlotte Hope Binney (Tyler) Montgomery / PHILADELPHIA / C 15044 / 2650 [possibly a dealer's stock numbers?] / Entrusted to R.A.M. by George F. Tyler/ in April 1964'

Location: In Storage

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