Dagger sheath

18th century (made)


Length: 10.75 in, Width: 3.5 in

IS.235-1964 SSEA

Dagger sheath kotai silver, Mughal, N India, 18th century

Dagger sheath kotai of silver, pierced, embossed and engraved with a pattern of foliage and birds; at the open end is a recurved 'Dutch gable' style moulding evidently following the shape of the dagger guard; between this and the next band of moulding is openwork floral ornament to which is attached a hanging ring; the design is then divided vertically into four sections by a band running down each face and at the edge; at the top of each section are two confronted birds enclosed in an oval; the rest of the design is of flowers and foliage; at the tip is a semi-chape of foliage outline; the sheath is lined with red velvet.

Given by the Right Hon. the Earl Kitchener of Khartoum

Given by Lord Kitchener

Location: South Asia, room 41, case 22

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