Smoke Mirror

2007 (made)

Baas, Maarten

Width: 120 cm, Height: 188 cm

W.40-2008 FWK

Overmantel mirror with a charred frame, sealed with epoxy resin

Overmantel mirror with charred wooden frame sealed with epoxy resin, the frame decorated with carved floral ornaments and flanked by a pair of barleytwist columns.

This mirror was created by charring a 19th-century French overmantel mirror with a blow-torch, then sealing the surface with epoxy resin to preserve the burnt wood. Designer Maarten Baas developed this method for his graduation collection at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002. Like much contemporary Dutch design, Baas's 'Smoke' furniture provokes us to think about the history of the objects, and encourages us to value something which might otherwise be discarded or overlooked. The making process is destructive as well as creative, bringing into question the role of the designer as a creator of new objects.

Location: In Storage

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