12th century (made)

Height: 15.2 cm

IS.9-2003 SSEA

Twenty two armed Prajnaparamita, copper alloy,Bayon style, Cambodia. Late 12th century.

Small image of the Buddhist Goddess Prajnaparamita, intended for use on the household shrine of a wealthy Khmer family. This goddess is the personification of a famous Mahayanist Buddhist text of the same name. The goddess, with eleven heads, standing in samapada on a circular lotus base, with twenty two arms radiating around her and holding a host of attributes, and wearing a long flowing sarong with central sash, decorated with verical pleats incesed with rosettes, secured by a jeweked belt with rosettes, suspending leaf-shaped pendants, beaded collar, pendant earrings and foliate diadem.

It is superbly cast miniature bronze. It exhibits the best qualities of Khmer artist's ability to work on a small-scale, achieving remarkable detail, together with sculptural fluidity.

Location: In Storage

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