1836-1849 (Made)

Pace, Charles

Length: 25 cm, Diameter: 11.5 cm Diameter of Bell

W.20-1939 FWK

Cornet, brass, Charles Pace, London, English, 1836-49.

"Brass with nickel-silver mounts. Three piston valves of the 'Stöltzel' type. and a 'clapper-key for facilitating certain trills. In B flat with crooks for F.G. and A Flat" Anthony Baines, Catalogue of Musical Instruments in the Victoria and Albert Museum - Part II: Non-keyboard instruments (London, 1998), p. 108.

The Cornet was a brass instrument with valves, played like a trumpet and widely used in orchestras and bands. It was developed from the post-horn in France during the late 1820s and introduced to England soon afterwards. This instrument was made by England's leading maker of brass instruments, Charles Pace (active 1819-1850), who signed himself on this instrument as trading from 49 King Street, Westminster, London, the premises he occupied from 1836 to 1849.

This instrument was given to the Museum by A.T.Legg, Esq.

Given to the Museum by A.T.Legg, Esq.

Location: In Storage

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